floppya's unfinished business

Smiley Picker

Finally, a javascript widget that represents values along the sad/happy emotional axis. Available for use under the terms of the MIT License.

My Entry to the Js1k 2013 Competition

js1k is an annual javascript programming competition which imposes the constraint that entries must be smaller than 1024 bytes in size. The theme for 2013 was “Spring” however the theme was more of a suggestion than a requirement.

This was my first time competing and, unsurprisingly, my entry didn’t place in the top 10. However it did receive an honorable mention which puts it in the top 15, I suppose.

MakeHuman + ChopHuman + Spriter + Bonedaddy - Any Artistic Ability Equals

Here’s an example of my unreasonably long pipeline from MakeHuman to skeletal animation with Haxe. The left and right arrow keys change the blending weight between idle and speed-walking animations. Hovering demostrates the IK blend node which is operating on the right arm. You may need to click on the flash player to give it focus.